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From Photos to Videos: How PhotoSpring Digital Frames Are Changing the Game

From Photos to Videos: How PhotoSpring Digital Frames Are Changing the Game

In today's world, everyone has a video capable smartphone in their pocket. Statistics suggest that people capture one video for every 20-25 photos they take. Taking and sharing videos is even more prevalent in parents with infants and young children.

Given the popularity of video, every digital frame needs to be able to display videos out of the box. PhotoSpring was the first company to offer a video frame. When we set out to design our digital photo frames, we felt that a good video solution was necessary to creating the best digital photo frame on the market. That's when the video frame was born.

The following is a guide to how we thought about videos on PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frames. Most of the requirements we had are beneficial not only to video frames but also digital picture frames i general.


Free Video Playback

Video is very expensive to upload, process and store. So it's not a surprise that some digital frame vendors charge a monthly or annual fee just to be able to display videos. At PhotoSpring, we feel strongly that videos are a core feature so we make it free.


Video Quality

Most frame vendors, in an effort to decrease costs, limit the video length to a few seconds or degrade the resolution of the video on the frame. Not us. PhotoSpring can play long videos at HD resolution so your video always look great.


Video Can Quickly Eat Up Storage

PhotoSpring engineers designed a system that balances video resolution with storage space. Videos are compacted to the smallest possible file size while preserving the optimal viewing experience. Bottom line - more high quality videos stored on your frame.


Multiple Device Support

You probably have videos stored on your phone, tablet, emails, computer, USB drives and even Google Photos. Wherever your videos are stored, PhotoSpring can get them to your frame.


Video Playback Control and Sound

PhotoSpring lets you control the video just like a VCR....Did we say VCR? We meant YouTube! Turn up the volume on a video. Pause, review or fast forward. Play a video in a loop.


Support for Older Formats

The earliest widespread video format was AVI in the early 90s. We started there and support them all. PhotoSpring will accept the following video formats: mp4, mov, m4v, avi, ogv, webm, 3gp, flv, wmv, and mpg.

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