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Get Connected Memories: Enjoy Your Photos Anywhere with Digital WIFI Frames

Get Connected Memories: Enjoy Your Photos Anywhere with Digital WIFI Frames

Digital WIFI Frames

There's never been a better time to invest in a digital photo frame. A digital photo frame is a great way to view photos and share them with family and friends.

Most people take hundreds of photos each year only to have the photos locked up on their phones, computers or cloud accounts - rarely ever seen. A digital frame can display all these photos on a loop. Making your memories come to life.

And with most people taking videos on their phones, a good digital frame also lets you enjoy all the videos you take.

Digital picture frames also make it easier to share photos with family and friends. Instead of sending a photo via email, or signing up for an account - you can simply send the photos to frames located anywhere in the world!

A Brief History of the Digital Photo Frame

First General Digital Picture Frames With SD Cards

The very first digital photo frames appeared soon after digital cameras became mainstream. These devices read photos from D card taken from a digital camera and displayed photos from the card.

The first generation digital frames worked well for a number of years until the introduction of the iPhone. Apple's iPhone didn't have an SD card you could use to transfer photos to a digital frame. The iPhone had a screen. Though tiny, the iPhone screen meant the digital picture frame wasn't needed to view photos.

In 2010, with the introduction of the iPad tablet it seemed as if the digital frame had met its end.

Second General Digital Frames Add Wifi

The death of the digital photo frame was premature. The consumer shift away from digital cameras meant that SD cards were no longer available as a way to transfer photos to a digital picture frame.

However, the shift to taking photos on a smart phone meant that Wifi was available. The digital photo frame with wifi was born. You could now take photos on a smart phone and then send the photo to a digital picture frame with wifi located anywhere in the world!

Todays Wifi Frames Have a Touchscreen and Battery

If the iPad tablet was responsible for ending the market for first generation digital photo frames, then technology borrowed from tablets has produced a feature rich third generation of digital frames. Today's digital photo frames take advantage of the touch screens, wifi and batteries we see in tablets today.

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