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Press Release: PhotoSpring is the World’s First Completely Automated Digital Photo Frame that Solves the Biggest Obstacle to Enjoying Digital Photos

Press Release: PhotoSpring is the World’s First Completely Automated Digital Photo Frame that Solves the Biggest Obstacle to Enjoying Digital Photos

PhotoSpring is the World’s First Completely Automated Digital Photo Frame that Solves the Biggest Obstacle to Enjoying Digital Photos


PhotoSpring, Inc. today launched the PhotoSpring Digital

Photo Frame, the world’s first digital photo frame that completely automates the process of organizing and displaying digital photos. PhotoSpring solves the biggest issue consumers face today with their photos – people are taking more photos than ever before, but viewing them less frequently. PhotoSpring accomplishes this through a combination of smart software automation and unique hardware design.

Designed as both a digital photo frame and photo album, PhotoSpring makes it easy for Mom to display and browse photos on the same device. In its charging stand, PhotoSpring displays the latest family photos on its high-resolution 10-inch screen. Or, Mom can pick it up out of the stand to browse her entire photo collection with the easy to use touchscreen interface.

“PhotoSpring vastly improves on the digital photo frame concept. Beyond simply displaying photos, it lets the user actively engage with their photos through the touchscreen,” said Dan Ho, Co-Founder and CEO of PhotoSpring. “At home, we have our PhotoSpring on the kitchen counter. Often I see my wife walk over and pick it up off the stand when she sees a photo that catches her attention. She brings it over to show me and we eventually end up on the sofa reminiscing over all the other photos from that event.”

PhotoSpring applies software automation to help users rediscover photos long forgotten on their smartphones and computers. A companion app that is available for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows devices, automatically pushes photos to PhotoSpring via Wi-Fi. The app can be used to send photos to multiple PhotoSpring frames. This makes it easy to share photos with family and friends all over the world who have PhotoSpring frames. After receiving photos, PhotoSpring software analyzes them, selects the best ones, and optimizes them for display. All this happens automatically, without any user intervention.

“We all want to view our photos more often, but for most people the photos taken just last month are already buried under a mountain of new photos,” said Ho. “By automating this entire process of getting photos out on display, we’re helping users unearth photos that they haven’t seen in years.”

PhotoSpring is available now for purchase at or retailers including Amazon. Each device includes Wi-Fi, internal rechargeable battery, 10-inch 1280×800 pixel display, touchscreen, charging stand, and power cable.


Completely Automated – Keep taking photos and PhotoSpring does the rest. PhotoSpring gathers photos, selects the best ones, and formats them for display. It can even create a different playlist to be enjoyed each new day.

Easy to Use – PhotoSpring lets users interact with their photos using an intuitive touchscreen interface. Users who have a smartphone or tablet will already know how to use PhotoSpring.

Simple Sharing – PhotoSpring owners can invite family and friends to share photos directly to their frame using a PhotoSpring companion app or through the PhotoSpring website. Shared photos are sent directly to the frame and displayed automatically.

Holds a Lifetime of Photos – Photos are resized to fit the screen resolution. The 16GB of memory capacity can store over 15,000 photos. All photos are stored directly on the device, not in the cloud. No subscription fees required.

Connected – Using the built in Wi-Fi connection, PhotoSpring is always ready to receive and display the latest photos sent by the owner or shared from family and friends.

Maintenance Free – The developers at PhotoSpring are constantly working to improve the device and add new features. As new software releases become available, PhotoSpring will automatically update itself via Wi-Fi to ensure that users are always running the most current version.


About PhotoSpring, Inc.

PhotoSpring, Inc., of Los Angeles, California, knows how valuable photos are to people. That’s why we are dedicated to helping people get the most out of the thousands of photos they take each year.

Contact: Charles Huang, 310-763-9091

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SOURCE: PhotoSpring, Inc.

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