Charge Pro AC Adapter Exchange


Charge Pro AC Adapter Exchange

Please set aside the current AC power adapter and cable to prevent the two from getting mixed up. Eventually, you can dispose of the original AC power adapter and cable as e-waste.


Follow these steps to get your PhotoSpring ready for the new AC power adapter.

1) Make sure that your PhotoSpring is turned off and not connected to the AC power cable.

2) Lay your PhotoSpring screen side down to access the battery compartment.

3) Open the battery compartment by carefully releasing the 2 tabs at the bottom of the battery compartment door and gently rotate open - as the battery is attached to the door and plugged into the device. 

4) Disconnect the battery from the device, wait 1 min, then reconnect the battery to the device. Make sure that the 2-pin plug is properly connected.

5) Stand up your PhotoSpring in it's normal display position.

6) Connect the new AC power adapter to the wall outlet and the plug end to your PhotoSpring.

7) At the time that you make the power connection, observe the screen of the PhotoSpring. You will see the PhotoSpring Logo appear as well as the battery charging symbol.

   - If you don't see the screen display this, check the light above the power button to see if it is flashing red. If it is, then leave your PhotoSpring to charge for 3 hours or long.

   - If you see the information on the screen, note the battery level indicator. If it is 2 bars or less, let your PhotoSpring charge for 1.5 hours. 

8) When the battery on your PhotoSpring is full, or above 50%, turn on your PhotoSpring by pressing the power button until you see the PhotoSpring logo and release.

   * If you are seeing the black PhotoSpring Logo and it's not progressing to the white PhotoSpring logo, it means that the power isn't latching (you are not pressing the power button long enough). Either try pressing the power button for a longer period, or disconnect the power cable, wait for the screen to become blank, then press and hold the power button until you see the PhotoSpring logo appear. 


The original AC power adapter you had wasn't providing enough power to your PhotoSpring and the battery was being depleted even though the power cable was plugged in. This new AC power adapter and cable will fix that issue.