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PhotoSpring vs Skylight: Which Digital Photo Frame is Right for You?

Skylight and PhotoSpring Digital Frames

PhotoSpring vs Skylight: Which Digital Photo Frame is Right for You?

Comparison Chart PhotoSpring vs Skylight

Transparent Pricing: Why PhotoSpring is a More Affordable Option Than Skylight Frames

So you're in the market for a digital frame and have narrowed down your options. Here's what you should know about pricing. At PhotoSpring, we offer a transparent pricing model with no additional subscription fees or hidden costs. Skylight Frames asks users to pay a monthly fee of $39 for services such as sending videos and using their app. We know these features are important, so we've included them for free so you can enjoy all of these perks without worrying about extra charges.

By choosing PhotoSpring, you can get all the features you need in one affordable package, without the risk of surprise fees. If you're looking for a fully-featured digital photo frame that won't break the bank, PhotoSpring is the clear choice.

Comparing Connectivity Options: How PhotoSpring Frames Outperform Skylight Frames

Let's talk about how to get pictures and videos into your device. PhotoSpring Frames have a wider range of connectivity options when compared to Skylight Frames. In addition to connecting via WIFI, PhotoSpring allows users to transfer photos from Bluetooth, USB, and SD Cards. On the other hand, Skylight Frames primarily rely on WIFI and do not offer Bluetooth or USB connections.

One of the standout features of PhotoSpring is its ability to share photos not only via WIFI, but also from Google Photos and a dedicated email address for the frame. This means that users can easily add photos to their frame from a variety of sources without having to rely solely on their device's memory or WIFI connection. Additionally, PhotoSpring frames can be shared among multiple users through the dedicated email assigned to each frame. For families with multiple frames, photos can be sent to all frames in their network simultaneously.

Overall, PhotoSpring offers more connectivity options than Skylight Frames, which can be a key factor for users who prioritize versatility and flexibility in their digital photo frame. 

PhotoSpring Frames: Modern and Customizable Design vs. Traditional and Limited Skylight Frames

What about the design? It has to look good in the house! PhotoSpring frames boast a modern and sleek design with a metal stand and high-quality frame moulding. The removable frame moulding gives users the option to display the frame with or without the frame, providing flexibility in customization. Moreover, PhotoSpring offers frame moulding add-ons in various colors like Turquoise, Dark Walnut, Antique Gold, and more to suit different styles and preferences. The 10” screen size can be displayed in portrait or landscape orientation, and with the battery feature, premium frames can be portable.

In contrast, Skylight frames come in a more traditional picture frame design with a wooden frame moulding that cannot be removed or customized. Although they offer larger screen sizes up to 15”, they lack battery options for portability.

More Customization Features with PhotoSpring Frames

Can I choose what photos to display and when? You betcha! PhotoSpring frames provide users with an extensive range of customization options, including the ability to create albums, set up slideshows, adjust brightness and transition effects, and add captions to photos and videos. Additionally, PhotoSpring frames feature a clock display that can be customized to a variety of clock faces.

In contrast, Skylight frames offer fewer customization options than PhotoSpring frames. Although you can create photo playlists, the frames do not provide albums or captions. Therefore, PhotoSpring's interface may be considered more robust due to its album creation and photo captioning features.

Overall Impressions: PhotoSpring with More Features and Sharing Options 

I hope we've helped you narrow down the choice here. When it comes to digital photo frames, both Photospring and Skylight are great options and are priced similarly. However, Photospring may be a more suitable choice for those who value a contemporary frame with advanced customization features and multiple ways to share photos with the frame. On the other hand, Skylight may be a better fit for those who prioritize a traditional design and larger screen sizes.

Customer Review:

Better Than Skylight

I have now bought two of these because I liked it so much. I have bought them both as Christmas gifts so neither has been used extensively. However, I set up the one for my mother in law and added some pictures and just fell in love with it, that I had to buy my mom one as well. It is super easy to set up and transfer as a gift. I love the picture quality and how you can also add videos. The touch screen is awesome and adding pictures was so easy and fun. This product is very user friendly. Unlike the skylight frame where you have to have a monthly subscription for certain qualities you do not need that for this frame and you can delete photos directly from the frame and rearrange the order. You can set up a timer to turn it on and off. it does not have a motion sensor like some other but I don’t think that is necessary anyways. So far I would recommend this product and in Fact I want one for myself also. I will update if anything changes

Alyssa Sursa, October 30, 2021

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