A Comparison of PhotoSpring Frames vs Skylight Frames

Considering buying a digital photo frame? Below is a comparison of Skylight vs PhotoSpring digital photo frames.

PhotoSpring is a much better value for the money. Buyers should note that Skylight requires an additional $39 per year just to access basic features like sending videos and using their app. PhotoSpring has all these features for free.

People Who Own Both Frames Have These Comments

Paula O'Connor is wrong. you CAN email photos to the PS frame. I do it all the time. Just set up an email address for free such as "blahblah@emailphotospring.com". [I didn't use my actual one 'cause I don't want a zillion unwanted pics coming to me] See the instruction sheet; very easily done. 

unkydave, April 7, 2021

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Better Than Skylight

I have now bought two of these because I liked it so much. I have bought them both as Christmas gifts so neither has been used extensively. However, I set up the one for my mother in law and added some pictures and just fell in love with it, that I had to buy my mom one as well. It is super easy to set up and transfer as a gift. I love the picture quality and how you can also add videos. The touch screen is awesome and adding pictures was so easy and fun. This product is very user friendly. Unlike the skylight frame where you have to have a monthly subscription for certain qualities you do not need that for this frame and you can delete photos directly from the frame and rearrange the order. You can set up a timer to turn it on and off. it does not have a motion sensor like some other but I don’t think that is necessary anyways. So far I would recommend this product and in Fact I want one for myself also. I will update if anything changes

Alyssa Sursa, October 30, 2021

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